Hear from some Happy Cobi Head Coaching Clients

Cobi Head Coach is excellent in terms of encouragement, enthusiasm, sincerity and wanting people to benefit, timeliness with specific feedback in response to lessons, and being a superb role model of doing what he is recommending.


I’m getting Suspicious that this diet and training agrees with my metabolism.... and the wife’s cooking of coursešŸ¤£ I think that’s 18 PBs...


Most awesome coach you could have - nothing is too much trouble - answers every query - always positive and encouraging - writes back super fast to any email/text/message/query…I’m making small changes daily - nutrition, fitness…


I’m feeling absolutely incredible at the moment. Didn't have a drop of alcohol this weekend, although I had a bit of a cheat meal last night for my partners mums birthday. I woke up this morning feeling fresh, went for a 6km walk with the dog, did all my chores I needed to do and also managed to squeeze in a swim. Amazing what you can do on a weekend with a good nights sleep. Really looking forward to next few weeks and seeing some real progress.


Sometimes it's difficult in social environments to choose a healthy option. Sometimes you want to choose to take the less healthy option, and that's ok as long as it doesn't happen all the time. -Karina