When I look around I am worried

Smoking. Eating McDonalds. Drinking Coke. Skulling Mother.

It wasn’t always this way for most. It has slowly become a habit, not overnight, but over time.

Weight gain. Low energy. Poor sleep. Anxiety. Depression. Diabetes. I worry for these people. This is what waits for them if not already, then in the near future.

I constantly, daily, hourly, think to myself, how can I reach these people. How can I convince them that it can actually be fun to lead a healthy lifestyle. Like the poor habits formed, it won’t happen overnight, it will take time, like the poor habits formed, new healthy habits can form just as easy, if not easier than poor habits.

Why? Because instead of the life destroying side effects of those poor habits, the side effects include, but not limited to: happiness, weight loss, a healthy mind, boundless energy, improved sleep and so much more. You will start to be able to do things you never thought you would, do a push up, deadlift your body weight, climb a rope even right now some of you are thinking that’s not possible for you, particularly the last one, climb a rope, I can tell you now, it is.

All you have to do is change. NOT everything at once, but one small achievable thing at a time. Sometimes it hard to do this without help. Grab a friend, join a gym, get a meal prep service, or if you want real change enlist the help of a Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset Coach (I know a really good one).

We are living longer than ever before, but our QUALITY of life is worse than ever, and I know it’s easy to say ‘I’ll worry about that when I get old…’ but continuing along a path of self destruction will bring old age closer, faster, every day and as they say, age is just a number, live a healthy lifestyle and that saying will be a positive saying for you, don’t and well you know where I’m going with this. START YOUR CHANGE NOW!