The Final Piece, Think Well

I have told the story of my introduction from fitness to wellness, both through CrossFit and the Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well concept taught to me by Dr. Nathan Lauenstein. In the beginning of my career I was all about moving well, and honestly believed that if you moved well and often, you could be fit and optimally healthy.

I was then educated on eating well and thinking well. I really took the whole eating well concept and studied and read and learnt all I could, at the time thinking that if you eat well and move well, the thinking piece would take care of itself. I was also some one who didn’t really get stressed by anything, knowing that if I do my best, everything will turn out okay. So I did, I did my best and life was great.

There then came a stage in my life where my mindset, my ‘thinking’ was not optimal, I became a very poor sleeper. I would only sleep a few hours a night, sometimes I would get NO QUALITY SLEEP… Let me tell you no matter how well you eat, how well you train, if your thinking is not great, you cannot be healthy.

At the time, I had no idea how to fix it, I had read every sleep hygiene article…ever… I tried everything, or so I thought. I thought my mind was healthy and it couldn’t just be in my head, so I just learnt to live with not sleeping. IT AFFECTS EVERYTHING. Motivation, mood, fitness, negative thoughts, when you don’t sleep, your body shuts down. I had developed a ‘Cobi’ that the world sees, a positive, happy, invincible version of me, and a ‘Cobi’ inside my head, tired, unmotivated, negative thoughts, and let me tell you, this in itself is tiring.

I was then told one day, by my Brother-In-Law, to go see some one about it. To ‘get my brain fixed’. I literally laughed. There is nothing wrong with my brain, I am just a bad sleeper, and no one can help you change this in a ‘mindset’ session. THERE, right there. I had convinced myself I was a bad sleeper. It was a thought pattern that I had repeated to myself for years trying to deal with not sleeping. So, now, I WAS a bad sleeper. I needed a way to change this pattern and convince my brain I was a good sleeper. So, after much convincing, I sought help from Rohan Gazzard, who helped me change my thought patterns from one of a bad sleeper, to that of a good sleeper! This was when I discovered the power of the mind through hypnotherapy.

Life is great, there are times when it isn’t, but mostly it is great. You can think everything is good in the world, then, BAM, something so unexpected happens that you simply do not know how to process it, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, breakdown of a relationship, severe injury, we can do all of the right things in life but sometimes it just doesn’t go our way. But this is temporary.

It is these situations that test us, that expose us, and if we don’t have the right tools to get us through these times we can find ourselves in a dark place with no way out. I have been there, most people have, been in a situation or had an experience that was so devastating you start to question everything, why me, what did I do, it’s not fair, how do I stop the hurt, I wish I could just forget.

If we do not have a method, a mentor, a way to help us process and deal with these situations, these experiences, then sometimes we can fall so far in to a hole from which we do not know how to escape. I learnt this the hard way. I, like most people, didn’t want to ask for help and thought time would just fix it, you know the old saying, time heals all wounds. I fell deep in to a hole, again I was forced to create the ‘other Cobi’, the one that the world sees, and the one inside my head. Only this time the one inside my head was very strong, over powering and difficult to control.

After 18 months went by, I decided time is a slow healer and I needed to do something. So I started studying, both so I could help myself, and so I could help others who were faced with similar situations. Study is slow too… but after a year I had the tools to help myself and are now starting to help others with their mindset, and although my study continues, I learn more and more every day on how to help people change their mindset, whether it be nutritional habits, exercise motivation, sleep or negative thoughts I now have the tools to help. The mind is incredible and if you know how to influence change you can make amazing changes in such a short amount of time, sometimes instantly if you are ready and willing to change.

So after 12 years of study, mentoring, experience, I believe I can finally and truly help anyone to achieve wellness though nutrition, fitness and mindset, just like my good friend Nate taught me all those years ago, Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well.