Opportunity Is What We Make It

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

I hate asking people for help. So much so I don’t. I will work 16-17 hours a day for weeks on end to get a task done if I need to. I know I could ask for help, I know people would definitely volunteer their time to help, but I just don’t do it. I am wired that way. I have always been independent, a self sufficient person and a hard worker. I have had to be, the eldest of five kids, I felt I had a responsibility.

Now, there came a time in my life where I forfeit all responsibility, to the point of becoming irresponsible. Not the best timing when you are in your final year at school. But, for whatever reason, I stopped enjoying school and started enjoying being a reckless teenager with zero responsibility. It took a good three years to get that out of my system…

I don’t remember if it happened in a day, or over a period of time, but I started to wake up to the world around me. My Dad had a severe motorbike accident, I wasn’t there to help. This was the first ‘wake up to yourself’ moment for me. For some one that used to be Mr. Reliable, the first person people would turn to if they needed help, whether they were in trouble, needed advice or some one to talk to, I was the person to go to. Until I wasn’t.

I needed to change my path, no one could do it for me, I had to make a choice, continue down the path of destruction, or make a choice to change paths and re-find myself. So I did. I joined the Army. Funny I know, but the best choice I had made until that point in my life. It gave me opportunity. Opportunity to refocus on the important things in life, me and my family. It also gave me opportunity to help people in so many different ways. Even at recruit training, I found ways to help others and be that Mr. Reliable once more. And it felt great!

After a few deployments to Timor, Tonga, Iraq, I discovered a new avenue to help people, through health and fitness. For those that have heard of CrossFit, you probably hear of how it causes injuries and is only for elite athletes. I can tell you know this could not be further from the truth…

I love CrossFit, and I can tell you now that my number one goal is to improve the health and lifestyle of everyone I can and I have had great success. Not because we run crazy elitist, go hard or go home style program, but because we run an inclusive, community focussed, educational program that absolutely anyone can do and feel comfortable doing no matter their background.

I believe CrossFit has the same goals and aspirations and that is why I love it. The improvement of health in the individual and community. That is where my next passion project has taken me. I love the fact that I am able to help, to change the lives of people in the Darwin community. It makes me so happy when I get sent a photo of someone in their old shorts and you could fit a watermelon down the front of them as they are so big. I love it when I get a message telling me how a relationship is blossoming, that may not have been so great a few months ago, because of the lifestyle changes made. I love it when I get told some one got off their medication and their Doctor is amazed at their progress. This all drives me to want to do more…and so I am.

What all the people above have in common is the finances to become a member of a CrossFit Gym…and a CrossFit Gym to be a member of. There are so many places around the world that do not have this privilege, right here in Australia, our own indigenous communities do not have that opportunity and I want to change that.

Most people’s initial reaction when they hear this (and don’t know me) is why and what is in not for you? Unfortunately we live in a world where this happens all too often, people looking to make a financial gain in anything and everything. So I understand why this is the initial reaction of most. What is in it for me? What opportunities will come out of this for me?

An opportunity to help an entire community of people steer away from a future of lifestyle disease, high suicide rates and poor quality of life. An opportunity to provide a service that anyone and everyone will feel comfortable in and want to participate in. An opportunity to allow people that may not have the funds or facilities to improve their lifestyle with access to a free community gym. An opportunity to promote a culture of fit, healthy and motivated people who want to have fun getting strong and fit, regardless of age or background. An opportunity to provide the sporting clubs of Tiwi an area to conduct strength and conditioning. An opportunity to create a new, healthy, hobby for the youth, to bring families and communities together through a common ground, a love for health and fitness. An opportunity to give the people of Tiwi an opportunity to make a choice to want to improve their lifestyle and that of their children to bring back their confidence and proud nature to prosper well in to old age. There is no better opportunity, this is what I get out of it.

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