Injuries Are The End of The world.

I used to think like this. That if you’re injured you can’t train, you miss out on doing what you love. It’s stressful. Now I realise injuries are a part of life. Footy, Running, CrossFit, Coach Potato, Office Worker, Human.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like getting injured, no one does. So what can we do to prevent injury or recover well from injury if we do sustain one?

My number one is to move often and to move well. No matter what you do for exercise, for work, for life, move well when doing it. I was told something once that stuck with me on this concept of moving well. Our joints are designed to function well for 120 years. If we did everything right. Every time we move in a way that our joint was not designed; allowed our knees to come in on a squat, land heel first when running, sit at your desk hunched over your computer, this reduces the lifespan of our joints and increases our risk of injury. When we do move we must move well, through full range of motion, functional movements and regularly. If you do have any injury, train around it, don’t use it as an excuse to stop, there is always things yo can be doing.

My number two is rest and recovery. I can’t stress how important this is, no matter your goal. This must be planned in to your training regime. At least one rest day a week whilst being aware of how your body is feeling, sometimes two rest days or including an active recovery day. Something low impact, row, ride, walk, swim, slow, focus on technique, for at least 20 minutes.

Next is mobility. We need to always be working to achieve a full range of motion through a joint. If we are unable to comfortably, when we are made to through sport, fitness or life in general, we open ourself up for injury. Not only can we reduce the risk of injury, but also improve physical performance. 20 minutes a day is what I recommend dedicating to mobility (this is for you Darren). There are some incredible apps out there now to take the guess work out of what to do, GoWOD Mobility App and The Ready State Virtual Mobility Coach to name a few.

To get the most out of your body, you need to ensure correct and adequate nutrition. But what does this have to do with reducing the risk of injury? EVERYTHING! A body without the correct and adequate nutrition lacks nutrients that play vital roles in reducing inflammation, cellular repair, joint health the list goes on. Without it our body can be frail and if chronically inflamed can always exhibit pain. As well as correct and adequate nutrition, a few supplements I recommend are turmeric, greens, magnesium and fish oil. This will support your nutrition and help reduce inflammation and improve joint and muscular health.

Injuries are not the end of the world. They happen, it is part of life. To reduce the risk of injury, my big four are train regularly and with the best technique you possibly can through a full range of motion, most days of the week. Make sure you have at least one rest day and maybe even an active recovery day each week and do at least 20 minutes of mobility every day. Finally ensure correct and adequate nutrition possibly supplementing with turmeric, greens, magnesium and fish oil to help support your training. Do this and injuries will be few and far between and if they do occur it will be better in a few days, without any of these you open yourself up for injury which can have affects both physically and mentally, plan your week now and include my big four.