If Society Won’t Change, Then You Must

Social outings can be a difficult time to eat healthy and refrain from alcohol. First of all, don’t. What I mean is if it is a special occasion, enjoy yourself, eat the tasty food, have a few drinks, have a great time and let your hair down.

Where this turns from a special occasion in to an issue is when you are faced with a platter of fried and brown foods for work morning tea every day, when you are in constant meetings and the food provided is cakes and desserts, when you travel a lot and just eat what’s easy, when the people you live with make poor choices and you feel obliged to eat the same.

A special occasion occurs occasionally, no more than once in a week, usually on a weekend, weddings, birthday parties, functions. The rest is life, and you have to have a plan for dealing with life really well. If your goals are to be lean, fit, happy, healthy, then you have to eat well most of the time and you can’t use your environment as an excuse, it is your body, your goals, your choice.

“I don’t want others judge me because I choose the healthy food, because I ask for no white bread with my breakfast, or a side of avocado.” Why not, be that person, what is wrong with that? Be the person that drinks water at an event, be the person that says no to chips and asks for more salad instead, be the person that packs healthy snacks when travelling, or has a ‘just in case’ bag in the car full of tuna, nuts and some ‘smooshed’ balls. Be that person, if that is who YOU want to be, if that is what you WANT to do for YOUR goals. Don’t conform to the unhealthy habits of those around you through fear of being different or missing out.

I was talking to a friend the other day who was embarrassed to wear a sleeveless shirt when going out, not because she wasn’t proud of her body, but because everyone stares and comments and makes her and her friends feel uncomfortable because they are lean and have ‘muscles’. We live in a society where it is normal to be unhealthy and overweight and so when you are not the normal, you stand out and are talked about. I find this crazy. But again, this is your choice, you can choose to be embarrassed and change what you wear, or embrace it and be proud!

That is why it is up to you to make a change. It is up to you to be comfortable in your own skin. It is up to you to make your own choices. It is up to you to stop worrying about what society thinks and more about what you want and what is best for you. Changing your mindset isn’t easy, it takes practice, it takes time, but you can do it if it is what you want to do. Sometimes we need help and help is here if you need it. Be your best you, it starts with a choice, make the right one.