I'll Let You in on a Secret...

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love chocolate. I can eat two blocks of chocolate quite easily, hazelnut is my favourite. I love takeaway food, particularly Indian and Chinese cuisine. I love watching movies and lounging out on the couch for hours on end.

However, I also love eating clean nutritious meals. I love living an active lifestyle. I love going to the gym. I love the feeling of being strong, fit and capable. I love how you feel after eating well, mind clear, energy full, like you can conquer the world. I love it when you see friends or family you haven’t seen in a while and they compliment you on how good you look. I love feeling comfortable taking my shirt off. That’s right I love looking good too and that’s okay and I’m proud of the work that goes in to looking good with my shirt off!

So what do I choose? I choose both. That’s right both. We have to enjoy our food. We have to live our life. BUT, in order to enjoy our food AND our life, we have to do things in moderation. There are times when we have to exercise discipline. There are times when we can relax and enjoy great tasting food. And yes, there are also times when we can go a little crazy, after all you only live once, right!

So how does this look over an average week?

I eat my breakfast at 7am, a smoothie with collagen powder, tryptophan, greens, coconut oil, organic mixed berries, coconut milk and coconut water.

I have a meal at 11:30am of either chicken or beef with broccoli, sweet potato and nut butter.

I have another meal at 2:30pm of either chicken or beef with broccoli, sweet potato and nut butter.

I have another meal at 7:00pm of either chicken or beef with broccoli, sweet potato and nut butter or a healthy curry with sweet potato no rice.

I have a snack at 9:00pm, tuna, an apple and nut butter with fish oil, magnesium and probiotic.

I do this 95% well Monday to Friday (you need to be a little lenient and importantly enjoy the food you are eating)

Then on the weekend I am a lot more relaxed. I still stick to my main meals and tend to reduce the snacks. I eat out once or twice, have a coffee or two and have my chocolate!

Now I say ‘relaxed’ not ‘do what you want’ as it is still important to get in good nutrition and not put yourself in a food coma as is will spark addiction and cravings. A weekend of extremely poor choices will undo a working week of great choices, so be disciplined, but enjoy your food, enjoy your weekend and if you ‘fall off the wagon’ hop straight back on, don’t ‘wait ’til Monday’ or next week, get straight back on. In saying that, sometimes we ‘need’ to go crazy, weddings, important birthdays, holidays, it’s okay SOMETIMES.

Changing habits is really hard. It takes, at the start, discipline, planning, and of course the knowledge. Once we have created new, healthy habits, it is so easy, even normal just to eat well and exercise, you won’t understand how you used to eat that way and feel so bad all the time as you though it was just normal. That is where Cobi Head Coach can help, to get you on track and changing your habits slowly, easily one at a time so it doesn’t even feel like you’re making changes, until one day you look in the mirror, or your friend says, ‘wow you are looking great’!