I Failed Again, What’s the Point?

Most people are afraid of failure. Some people let it overwhelm them and then convince themselves they are happy not to achieve their goals and aspirations. “I mean, what’s the point, I really wish I could reach my goals, but it’s too hard.”

Anything worth doing is hard, losing weight, building lean muscle, decreasing the risk factors of lifestyle disease, increasing energy and mental clarity, achieving new PB’s in the gym, everything requires hard work, commitment, determination and consistency.

Anything worth doing will hit road blocks, obstacles even failures, time and time again. This only means you are on the right path. Learn from it, analyse it, what could you have done differently? Every failure is an opportunity to learn, to grow.

I wanted to give up coffee, at least for five days of the week. Why, because I have an auto immune disease and the caffeine ‘flares up’ symptoms. The first time I tried, two days in I had an incredible headache, so I started drinking coffee again. I couldn’t deal with it. I could have given up there, because it was hard. And I did for a while, for a long while, until I was ready again. What did I learn, don’t go cold turkey!

The next time, I halved my intake for the first week. Had green tea for week two and then stopped in week three, only having one on Saturday. Although still hard, as I do enjoy my coffee, it was so much easier. Without failure, well, without learning from the failure, I would not have done something I wanted to do, I would not have achieved my goal.

Although this was a small, seemingly easy goal, the same elements apply in any goal. You want something, you try your best to achieve it, life gets in the way; kids, work, lack of motivation, stress, financial reasons, there are so many obstacles that can stand in our way and as luck would have it anything that can go wrong, will.

So what can we do to ensure success? What can we do to best achieve our goal, no matter what it is. First, write it down, in detail. Be specific, instead of ‘lose weight’, say, lose 3kg of body fat. Have a measure, instead of ‘PB my deadlift’, say, ‘I want to deadlift 100kg.’ Your goal needs to be achievable, for me giving up coffee cold turkey was not, so have an achievable plan that is realistic. Lastly, set yourself a timeframe, a date when you want to achieve your goal.

Write it down, share it with someone, your ‘gym’ buddy, your partner, your friend this will help keep you accountable. When you write it down, write in past tense, like you are writing it on the day you achieved your goal and reflecting on how you achieved it, here is an example…

It is the 31st December 2019 and I achieved my goal of losing 5kg of body fat. I did this by eating within the guidelines set out by my coach, 90% of the time, and by attending the gym a minimum of five days a week.

How happy, how proud, did it make you feel reading you have achieved your goal? Remember that feeling, let it drive you toward your goal, toward the things you need to do to achieve your goal, remember this every day, put it somewhere you can see it and be reminded of it, set it as a reminder in your phone, do whatever it takes, if it is what you truly want, don’t let anything stand in your way, it is your life, your choice, your goal, go and get it.

"t is your life, your choice, your goal, go and get it."