Don’t Go To ‘A’ Gym

Having the motivation to go to ‘a’ gym every day can be tough. Most of us go through stages where motivation is high and sometimes…not so much. During the low times it is hard to find a reason to pick yourself up and go to ‘a’ gym and easy to find an excuse not to, after all you can’t miss out on what happens in tonight’s episode of Home and Away.

Going to ‘a’ gym for most of us becomes a task, a chore, something that we know we have to do to be fit and healthy, but something that is not really enjoyable. Going to ‘a’ gym is boring.

Group fitness classes are not a new concept, my wife and I started running Bootcamps over a decade ago. There is something about having structure, discipline and the power of a positive and like-minded community that is inspiring and motivating.

We didn’t last in bootcamps very long, not because we didn’t enjoy it, or because it wasn’t successful, it was, but because we moved in to CrossFit which was our passion. We opened up our first CrossFit Gym in 2010, just over nine years ago. We have seen CrossFit rise from what most people saw as an ‘elite’ form of fitness to a literal lifesaving, health improving anyone can do it fitness phenomenon.

Why is it so popular. Well, let’s start with what it isn’t. Most people still see CrossFit as an elitist fitness regime for ‘crazy’ people. When I was first introduced to CrossFit over 10 years ago, I was ‘made’ to do Fran, 21-15-9 reps for time of Thrusters at 42.5kg and Pull Ups. I was told that it had to be done at that weight, it was just how it was done. I saw myself as fit, really fit. It took me eight and a half minutes and then 5 days to recover. I hated CrossFit and believed it would kill people, I vowed I would never do it again.

12 months later we went to a CrossFit Gym with my wife’s family. We got taught technique and that we MUST scale the workout to suit our current fitness level. AMAZING. You can alter the workout to suit, no matter your fitness level! This was a life changer, literally, six months later we opened up CrossFit Albury Wodonga.

So, why is it so popular? Once you come and actually give it a go, you will soon find out why. “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.” - Morphues. This is much the same as CrossFit, no matter what anyone says, it has to be seen and experienced to be believed. You will soon discover that it is not intimidating, but inclusive and friendly. It is not all ‘jacked up’ fitness junkies, but regular people, like you, wanting to enjoy their fitness.

CrossFit provides an environment unlike any other, motivating and inspiring, whilst also being looked after and taught technique by Trainers that are passionate and care about your health and fitness, they want you to do well and enjoy every class, they want you to achieve your goals and far more than what you think is capable right now.

CrossFit goes beyond just fitness, the culture and community is one of support, inspiration and motivation, the gym soon becomes a place you want to go, to see your friends, to have fun, to relieve stress all while getting strong, fit and health in both body and mind. My best advice is to just give it a go, you might be surprised!