Be Selfish and Take Care of You

Seems selfish doesn’t it. But ask yourself this. If you are sick. If you are injured. If you are suffering with mental health issues, who is going to be there for your friends and family. If we don’t make time for our own health, we must be prepared to make time for our own sickness.

“I try and take care of myself, but the kids, partner, work, dog…after all that there simply isn’t enough time left for me.” This is how it feels for most, that the stressors of the world are too much and there isn’t enough time. That if you decided to do something for yourself it would mean not giving time to family and friends that need it most, and that would be selfish.

There are three main things you MUST do for yourself each day, first you have to manage your day. Write it down, everything you must do for the day/week and everything you want to do if time permits.

1. Plan and prepare food. Plan what you are eating for the week, write a shopping list and ONLY get what you need from that list. Prepare what you can, such as cut up the veggies and store in the fridge so it is quick and easy when it comes time to eat your meal. Cook from a recipe, Pete Evans has a whole range of excellent cook books to follow and get the kids involved, build a healthy relationship with their food!

2. Train for approximately an hour. Train in a fun, social, community based gym like a good CrossFit Gym. There are so many benefits to training in an environment like this. I know it can be daunting and you definitely have to find the right one for you, but most are incredibly accomodating and a fun and friendly experience. Contact me if you would like advice on this matter.

3. Relax. What ever your version of relaxing is, mobility, reading, watching a movie, meditation, breathing techniques, going for a walk, something that your brain can be put in to auto pilot and switch off. If you do not have a plan for this, GET ONE! Choose one from the above list and research it, or message me. In a fast paced world, we need to have a plan to relax und unwind!

I definitely don’t have time for any of that. I can tell you, you DEFINITELY do. You need to prioritise your time each day. Things that can be reduced right away, social media and television. We got a group of 30 people to look at their average screen time, 2 hours and 54 minutes screen time and 1 hour and 51 minutes on social media. By limiting yourself to one hour a day, you would save 51 minutes on average a day.

I see this all the time. Parents who are starting to, or are, leading a healthy lifestyle, eating well and training most days of the week. Then their kids are eating sugar filled breakfast cereals and LCM bars, things the parents wouldn’t ever eat. WHY? Because it is easier to give in to the kids and give them what they want. You make the decision on what they eat, no one else, so when they are sick, when they are grumpy, when they are tired, I am sorry to say, it is YOUR fault, no one else.

“Dinner time is so stressful, I have to cook my food, my partners meal and then a seperate meal for the kids.” NO!!! Unless there are allergy or intolerance reasons. EAT THE SAME! “That is not possible.” I know that is what you are thinking right now. Easy to say, you don’t have kids. I know it will not be easy, you will have to SLOWLY change, and turn it in to a positive, but YOU CAN do it. This alone will save 20 minutes a day for you time, and your kids will be better behaved, sleep better, be smarter at school and not get sick as much… WOW sounds just like what happens when an adult eats well…

There is an extra 70 minutes a day to spend on yourself. To achieve your three must do’s. You will be astonished by how your whole family will benefit from you getting your must do’s every day. It will be a happier, more productive, fitter family in no time, so the ‘you time’ is not at all selfish, your entire family will benefit in ways you cannot imagine.

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