5 Steps to Eating Better

How to create a healthy meal in 5 easy steps

I am about to take you through how to create a healthy well balanced meal. Before you start, a few things you need to be aware of. Portion size, how it was raised/grown and how you cook it.

As a rough guide for portion size, a palm size of protein, a cupped hand of starchy carbs, a fist of vegetables and a thumb of fat for ladies and two of everything for men. Eat like this 3-6 times a day, depending on your goals, body type, activity and energy requirements. It is important to record your meals, including portion size, at the start and adjust as required as you learn more about how much is enough for you and your goals. We want to aim to be 80% full at the end of a meal, not stuffed, and we want to aim to eat slowly, chew well and enjoy every bite!

We always want to aim for grass fed and finished or organic meats and organic fruits and vegetables. This is best practice. Find your local butcher and fruit and vegetable shop, they will almost always have better produce when compared to the big chain supermarkets. Not only is food sourced this way better for us, but also the animals and environment.

When cooking there are so many methods, sauté, boil, grill, blanch, fry, bake, steam and all change the chemical make up of the food. Some vegetables release beneficial chemicals through the cooking process, and some lose nutritional value. Research in to this and aim to have raw vegetables too. Mix up your methods and get a variety of each every week.

Now the 5 steps to making a healthy meal.

Step 1 Choose your protein








Step 2 Choose your starchy vegetables or fruit

Sweet potato











Kiwi Fruit

Step 3 Choose your vegetables









Step 4 Choose your healthy fats


Brazil nuts



Coconut oil

Olive oil (uncooked only)


Coconut cream

Step 5 Choose your seasoning

Himalayan rock salt and pepper

Herbs and spices, certain ones go well with certain meals, research or experiment!

Create a healthy sauce; this can make a basic meal delicious. Experiment with sauces like tomato, onion and garlic or mushroom onion and coconut cream. Just remember that this needs to be included in your portion size.

This can be used for:

Breakfast, 3 eggs, baked pumpkin, spinach and avocado, make in to a crust free frittata, season with Himalayan rock salt and pepper.

Lunch, chicken, squash, kale, carrot and capsicum, make in to a salad and dress with olive oil Himalayan rock salt and lemon.

Dinner, steak, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, onion and top with sautéed onion and mushroom with coconut cream and Himalayan rock salt.

Snacks, tuna, apple, kale, almonds, slice the apple and mix in a mini salad with a pinch of Himalayan rock salt.

Variety and taste are important. There are more foods than those listed above, try new things, try new combinations, get a variety of colours every day and be sure to include your greens. Don’t over indulge on fruit 2-3 servings a day depending on your goals. Try new garnishes and sauces they can make any basic meal delicious! If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t continue with it. Get a cook book, I suggest Pete Evans!

Planning and preparing. This is the most important piece to sticking with a good nutritional regime. Plan (basically) what you are going to have for the week. Shop for it WITHOUT putting any unnecessary items in your trolley that will just tempt you with poor choices. Then Prepare. Chop up your vegetables and store them separately in air tight containers in the fridge. Get as much of the preparing done as possible so the cooking process is as easy as; cook the protein starchy vegetables and vegetables, add your fat and season for taste! They are your 5 steps to a healthy meal.

Cobi Head Coach is all about helping you on a daily basis learn and build habits to make eating healthy as easy as putting on your seatbelt when you get in the car. When was the last time you forgot to put your on?

Plan and prepare...choose a variety of colours every week.