Community Health and Fitness

Our mission is to bring a FREE Health and Fitness Centre to communities in order to provide a safe, fun and educational environment to motivate and inspire health, fitness and wellness within the community.

We aim to help those who live in communities that suffer from high rates of lifestyle diseases to lead a better lifestyle through creating a community health and fitness centre that is free to use for anyone. 

We do this through the help and generosity of like minded people who donate and volunteer their time to help those that may not have the motivation, facilities or knowledge on how to improve their health and fitness. 

We start with a community need, that is a community that is suffering from high mortality and suicide rates, high risk of lifestyle disease and in need of a way to help change the direction for the younger generation.

We then develop a plan with the local community and build a Health and Fitness Centre that is free to use for all members of that community. We then educate and inspire the community to want to improve their health and fitness through their nutrition, lifestyle habits and maintaining their fitness.

We then regularly visit the community to provide ongoing education, support and motivation and ensure the facility is being well maintained and repair anything that requires it.

If you would like to help on our next project or have a community in mind that could benefit, please email and we will be in contact with you to see how we can help. Keep up to date on our Facebook page: